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August 01, 2021

Career Development

The personnel that make up Red Oak Fire Rescue are the most important asset to providing optimal emergency service, public education / prevention programs, and various other public services.  our organization values each and every employee of all  ranks.  Our personnel have been empowered to perform their job duties.  This empowerment breeds ownership within the organization.

Staffing fire department operations in organizations has and always will be challleng.  Daily, we are faced with doing more with less.  The intention of this development program is to provide training that ensures that our personnel will have the means to develop the skills and knowledge that will create a seamless transition to the promotional process. 

3M Mentoring Program
Jan 07, 2019

Download: ROFR 3M Mentoring.pdf

Career Development Downloads
Dec 15, 2010

Download: BC Task Book Revised 10 16 17.pdf , Company Officer Task Book.pdf

Firefighter Probationary Workbook
Dec 15, 2010


Transitioning to Driver/Engineer
Nov 16, 2010

Download: Driver Engineer Career Devlop Program.pdf

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