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September 20, 2019

Health and Safety
Updated On: Dec 10, 2010


Health and Safety

GOAL: To protect the health and safety of Department members through effective training, education, programs, and management. Development of policies and procedures that prevent injuries, illness, and maximize health.
Health and safety are of primary concern to all department members. These concerns are affected by many factors including: training, equipment, facilities, operating procedures, medical supervision, government regulations, environment, lifestyle and nutrition, as well as attitude, awareness, and perception.
Health will be addressed and maintained through:
· A department health/wellness program
· A mandatory physical fitness program
· Medical evaluations for department personnel as required
· Blood screenings annually
· Facilities built/remodeled with emphasis on employee health, safety, and comfort
· Emphasis on physical fitness, health, wellness and safety
· Providing appropriate inoculations and communicable disease screenings, including TB and hepatitis
· Providing classes on nutrition and eating healthy
· Mandatory annual minimum fitness testing (recruit physical ability test) for all department members
Safety will be addressed and maintained through:
· Incident analysis of emergency operations
· Provision of appropriate safety equipment and apparatus
· Emergency Vehicle Operator training for personnel on an annual cycle
· A comprehensive fire apparatus preventive maintenance program
· Emergency incident management training
· Conduct Post Accident Analysis for accidents and incidents
· Infectious disease exposure training, tracking, prevention, post exposure treatment, and provision of appropriate equipment and supplies
· Strong emphasis on “2-In-2-Out” and Accountability (Regional Cooperation)
Wellness and Fitness

Red Oak Fire Rescue recognizes that the health, safety, and wellness of its firefighters are of the utmost importance to the organization. The creation of the Red Oak Fire Rescue Wellness/Fitness program demonstrates the department’s commitment to its workforce. The Wellness/Fitness program will strive to increase firefighters’ physical performance levels while encouraging each member to embrace the ideas of personal wellness and fitness, leading to a healthy and productive career and retirement.

When compared to the general population, firefighters suffer disproportionately higher rates of heart attacks and cancers. A change was needed, a program that provided for the firefighters general well being.
The Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI) was developed. The WFI shifts the focus of fire departments to improving the quality of life for its firefighters. This in turn provides better service to the citizens of Red Oak by ensuring its firefighters are in peak physical health.
Medical examinations, fitness maintenance and assessments, rehabilitation, behavioral health, and data collection make up the five components of the WFI.

Below is an article in the "Red Oak Now Magazine" regarding the health & fitness program at Red Oak Fire Rescue.

RO Now Magazine Article September 2010.pdf
3300 Fit for Duty 8-10.doc

Red Oak Fire Rescue
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