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September 20, 2019

Deputy Fire Chief Ben Blanton
Updated On: Jan 07, 2019

Chief Blanton is an 23 year veteran of the fire service.  After finding his passion for the fire service while volunteering for the Red Oak Fire Department, he joined the Atlanta Texas Fire Department. Since 1998 he has worked for the Rowlett Fire Department as a Driver/Engineer, Arson Investigator, and Fire Inspector.  On his days off he has been an instructor at Navarro College Fire Academy and the Fire Science Protection Technology Program Coordinator.  Mr. Blanton grew up in Red Oak and has been married for 14 years with a 13 year old daughter.

Mr. Blanton holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Fire Officer from Navarro College.  He is also an Advanced Police Officer, Law Enforcement Instructor, and Firearms Instructor.  His certifications include Master Firefighter, Master Fire Inspector, Master Arson Investigator, Master Fire Service Instructor III, Driver/Operator, Incident Safety Officer, Fire Officer IV, and EMT-Paramedic.

Areas of Responsibility
Fire Marshal
·         Manage all aspect of Fire Marshal Division
·         Manage and coordinate fire prevention activities
·         Manage and coordinate public education and   awareness programs
·         Manage and coordinate fire inspections
·         Conduct new construction, building, fire alarm & sprinkler plan reviews
·         Coordinate and manage pre-incident planning
·         Oversee all fire investigations

Red Oak Fire Rescue
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