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October 24, 2014



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Welcome to the Red Oak Fire Rescue web site, I'm Fire Chief Eric Thompson.  It is a pleasure to serve the citizens and visitors of Red Oak, Texas and Emergency Service District #4.

I would like to express my gratitude to our citizens for the continuous support that you provide our organization. We welcome community feedback on the quality of our service, the speed, professionalism, and compassion in which it is provided. We have received numerous written responses from our residents providing testimonials of the professional and compassionate service they were provided by our crews. We strive each day to improve in every facet of our services.
I am honored to serve as your Fire Chief, and I am very fortunate to be surrounded by such a professional, pro-active staff which is the key ingredient of our success. I am proud to be able to say that our staff truly takes to heart our Motto “PRIDE-COMMITMENT-DEDICATION.”
With the current economic state we are faced with, we are anticipating new levels of challenges during 2012-2013. General economic conditions, and more specifically the ability of the City to fund projects and programs, will play a crucial role in our future activities. Our staff, through proactive strategic planning, pledges to show eagerness and enthusiasm to provide optimal quality services for our community. 
It is our belief that the quality of life within our community depends on a partnership between the citizens, business community, elected officials and city employees. We thank you for the opportunity we have to serve you.
In addition to our emergency services, we are committed to making our community as safe as possible through education and prevention.  On behalf of Red Oak Fire Rescue, I invite you and your family to schedule a tour at one of our facilities, register to learn the life saving skill of CPR or schedule a Fire Safety Program for your organization.  To learn about the variety of life safety programs available to you, visit the "Education" section of our web site or call 469-218-7713.  We have programs devoted to the needs of our youth, seniors, businesses, and families of Red Oak.
If you have any questions regarding Red Oak Fire Rescue and the services we provide, please contact us at 469-218-7713 or send a message through our web site.  We want to know what you think and are eager to assist with any questions.
If you would like to watch our year in review video, you can watch it at:
Eric Thompson, Fire Chief
Red Oak Fire Rescue


Red Oak Fire Rescue
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